is tailored to help individuals and organizations manage stress, relieve tension and increase overall health, wellbeing and productivity.

Our aim is to bring stress relief to as much company’s employees as we can while creating the awareness for a significant stress prevention programs in all work places.

CORPORATE WELLNESS MASSAGE THERAPY should not be confused with a spa treatment which is mainly pampering. It is therapeutic and will not interfere with the regular flow of office activities as it is received fully clothed with no messy oils on special massage chairs.

Corporate Wellness Massage Therapy Programs have become a popular means of providing physical as well as psychological benefits to employees.

All we need is a comfortable room in your office to put our massage chairs on agreed days. The advantage is “we come to you”. No driving is involved for your staff and we can be there quietly for the whole day.


Often, most people look at massage as luxury but it is the most effective way to prevent stress and the problem that arise out of it.

  • Massage Therapy is less expensive than most health and fitness programs.
  • Massage Therapy has been found to save corporations millions on healthcare costs.
  • Massage Therapy creates a higher alertness, high productivity and overall better attitude for employees.
  • Massage Therapy improves the immune system therefore creating less absenteeism.
  • Most of all it feels great and gives an employee a sense of belonging.
  • Massage Therapy decreases anxiety and tension levels.
  • It is guaranteed to pay for itself in productivity and positive energy.